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Mahina MerFin 人魚魚蹼 (2023新色系)

Mahina MerFin 人魚魚蹼 (2023新色系)


Melokia只提供37-39, 40-42, 42-44碼


Mahina MerFins are regarded as the most functional, highest performing & SAFEST Mermaid fin available today.


Junior MerFins are for ages 6yrs and up. They are perfect for the pool, or any natural gentle water environment. MerFins build water skills and confidence, inspire children’s imaginations, and also get them outside in nature for healthy outdoor and water play.  Junior MerFins allow your Lil’  or tween mermaids to play and explore their mermaiding in safety.


NEUTRALLY BUOYANT, soft and flexible the MerFin is light as a feather and won’t weigh the swimmer down. Each fin blade has been specifically designed for the potential wearer of that particular footbed size. The blade is designed for soft & fluid motion through the water, whilst giving swift propulsion & speed. Once on, it feels as if it is a natural extension of your body.


WITH SAFETY AS THE PRIORITY – The MerFin is removed with total ease. The simplest flick of the ankle strap releases the fin from the feet, & the user is free to engage both legs when needed.


Mahina created a product that is safe, honours the authentic mermaid swimming experience & because it is made from natural & recycled rubber it is also sensitive to the environment.

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