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Mahina MerFin 人魚魚蹼 (成人)

Mahina MerFin 人魚魚蹼 (成人)


*Coral Pink 只提供兒童尺碼

Mahina MerFins are regarded as the most functional, highest performing & safest Mermaid fin available. The sleek design of the MerFin provides the wearer with an authentic mermaid swimming experience. The functional Mermaid mono fin is designed for performance, speed & propulsion through the water.


NEUTRALLY BUOYANT, soft and flexible the MerFin is light as a feather and won’t weigh the swimmer down. Each fin blade has been specifically designed for the potential wearer of that particular footbed size. The blade is designed for soft & fluid motion through the water, whilst giving swift propulsion & speed. Once on, it feels as if it is a natural extension of your body.


WITH SAFETY AS THE PRIORITY – The MerFin is removed with total ease. The simplest flick of the ankle strap releases the fin from the feet, & the user is free to engage both legs when needed.

The MerFin is perfect for all underwater-exploration and makes an excellent water device for fitness. When the MerFin is functioning as part of a whole body movement, the motion is graceful, propelling the wearer swiftly through the water. It feels effortless, yet will give you a full body workout and strengthen your core.


MerFins are for teens – ALL ages!

Mahina created a product that is safe, honours the authentic mermaid swimming experience & because it is made from natural & recycled rubber it is also sensitive to the environment.

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